What are the benefits of medium readings


What are the benefits of medium readings? A lot of people ask me questions, especially the ones who never had a medium reading or have never been to a spiritual medium before. This is one question I have been asked recently and I would like to answer it.

For you to better imagine it, you will find some experience reports from medium readings further down.

But let’s start at the beginning…


A medium reading is a communication or a conversation with our loved ones, family or friends, in the spirit world. Either you have the ability to establish a contact yourself or you go to a spiritual medium for it. A spiritual medium is aware of the dead and can give evidence about their life and their personality. In a medium reading a medium talks about your loved ones in the spirit world and not about spirit guides, you and your life.


Normally, as long as we are not faced with death, we don’t think about medium readings or spiritual mediums. Unless we are curious about mediumship, have this ability or want to know more about life and death we don’t think about mediumship either.

Medium readings have the greatest benefits for people who are grieving, are feeling guilty, are searching for answers or just miss their loved ones and want to talk to them. When somebody dies we are often left with many questions or we still wanted to say so much, but didn’t get to say it.

Medium readings, what they bring you:

  • healing
  • comfort
  • love
  • answers
  • understanding
  • forgiveness
  • closure
  • peace
  • motivation
  • realisation
  • support
  • relief
  • hope
  • and a lot more

The benefits of a medium reading are different for all the people. Also for me as a spiritual medium the experience is different every time. But all the medium readings have one thing in common, they are healing and loving. They show us each and every time that the bond of love is immortal.


We should not forget, that medium readings are not only beneficial for us, but also for our loved ones in the spirit world. The above list applies to them too. Our loved ones are also seeking healing, peace, love and forgiveness.

As a spiritual medium it is my responsibility to identify their needs and to be able to express them. All of them have a need to communicate, otherwise they wouldn’t come through in a contact. The needs the communicator in the spirit world has, are sometimes the same as ours, but sometimes also very different from ours.

Sometimes they are still afflicted by something, although we feel that all is ok. For example we already forgave them, but the communicator still wants to ask us personally for forgiveness, because he never expressed the words or the feelings, when he was alive. When our loved ones arrive in the spirit world they review their life. And as soon as they gain realisation or understanding especially about their mistakes, they want to let us know and even amend certain things. But also to say thank you for what we have given them, or to give and to experience healing. They here to support us and accompany us in our life.

We see us as separated from our loved ones in the spirit world. In truth we are not. The bond of love will remain.


These experience reviews help us to understand the benefits we have from medium readings. Sometimes it is difficult to understand, if you have never experienced one before. The reviews are from medium readings I gave to my customers. They are only short excerpts, but they will show you nicely what effect they have on both sides.

Experience report 1: Do more with your children, create some memories together

The mother of a man came through. Every year she went skiing together. She showed how she elegantly skied down the slope in her white skiing dress. Although she had many worries in her life, nobody or nothing could take this time in the mountains with her son away from her. She would make it possible, no matter what. She loved this one special place and after skiing they always went eating together and had good talks. These holidays are memories that could never be forgotten, by both of them. The message for the son was, that he should take the time for his children, even tough he currently is having worries in his life. He should create memories with his children that will also last a lifetime and will go on for generations to come. This man contacted me later and told me that he went skiing with his children this year and they had such a blast. He could feel his mom by his side. This medium reading was motivational and very constructive.

Experience report 2: I am fine and all I couldn’t do before, I am doing now

A young man who died early of AIDS came through for his school friend. This man told us in all details about his difficult life, how and why he died of AIDS. After he said, that now he is in the spirit world, sitting peacefully in this huge library surrounded by Louis XIV furniture, reading all the time. I was surprised by this but just gave the information as I was told. After the reading his school friend told me that the young man loved to read and it would have been his dream to deal with old furniture, he especially loved Louis XIV. His school friend was so happy that the young man is all right, that he found his peace and could live his dream. It is never too late to live our dreams, this is the message to all of us.

Jenseitskontakte was bringt mir das

Experience report 3: Don’t feel guilty, I wanted to die alone

I gave a medium reading to a young woman whose Dad came through. This woman felt guilty, because she couldn’t be with here Dad when he died. The dad talked about his mental and physical problems. He didn’t like to visit doctors and had an unhealthy lifestyle. One day he was admitted to hospital and received a devastating diagnosis. He only called his daughter in the last minute, as his health deteriorated even more. But she couldn’t make it to the hospital anymore. During the medium reading he told his daughter, that he didn’t want to tell her about his health issues, because he couldn’t bare to see her hurting and sad. It was his wish to die alone, he couldn’t have let go otherwise. Guilt can be a heavy burden for both sides and takes some time to process.

Experience report 4: I am here to ask you for forgiveness

A father came through for his daughter. He said, that he wasn’t an easy father, screamed and worked a lot and never said nice and supporting words to her. The father couldn’t show his emotions. Everything she did was bad and he gave her the feeling of never being good enough. He explained why he was the way he was and that he is really sorry. He understands the mistakes he made and wanted to ask his daughter for forgiveness. And he also told her how proud he is of her achievements in life. She is a good mother, has a beautiful house, is successful in her work and has a good husband. Although his bad example she is a strong, but soft spoken and independent woman. Message: It is never too late to ask for forgiveness and being forgiven.

Experience report 5: It is time to let go of grief

I had a visit from a woman. And in the medium reading her brother wanted to talk to her. He told how he always pranked her and they always had fun as a family. His death was unexpected and the church was more than full on his funeral. He loved what she said about him on her speech. But he is sad, that the family doesn’t celebrate together anymore since his death. He always loved the family celebrations and it is his wish, that this is done again,. She should tell their mother about this reading and it is finally time to let go of the grief. The message: our loved ones want us to be happy. They don’t want that we keep hold on grief for too long. After a while the woman came back to me and told me, that the family recently celebrated together again. They honored her brothers wish.

Experience report 6: Thank you, that you have been there for my family

A young man wanted to talk to his friend, who has known since childhood. He told how his friend has been there for his parents and his sisters after he died. He is here to say thank you from the bottom of his heart. His friend started to cry, but the young man in the spirit world reacted immediately and shared how he was when he was alive. He always was the life of the party, in the center of attention. And he shared many memories. His friend started to laugh. This is the way he wants to be remembered, said the young man. He misses his friend, but he is always with him. Message here is, that our loved ones come through to say thank you. This contact also shows, that the spirit world is intelligent and there is true communication and interaction during a medium reading. They can instantly react to our emotions.

It is wonderful what benefits a medium reading has for us but also for our loved ones in the spirit world. It touches me personally every time anew. This is why I love medium readings!

You can find further information on my page medium readings or on my blog. I’m also always looking forward to your, just write me.

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