Essence of all – acting out of love or out of fear

Essence of all – Two people are seemingly doing the same thing – but are they? 

Essence, the story: A young man had a huge crush on a girl. Every day at the same time this beautiful girl was giving water to the flower she had on the window ledge. She lived in a building on a busy road on the second level. So this man was there watching her everyday from across the road.

One day an old lady wanted to cross the road. She couldn’t cross the road because there were too many cars. Her legs wouldn’t walk so fast anymore. The young man saw her, and without thinking twice he hold her carefully on her arm, gave signals for the cars to stop and guided her across the road safely. The old lady was very thankful. He felt good even tough that day he missed seeing the girl at the window.

There was another young man being in love with the girl, he saw the whole scene with the other man guiding the old lady across the road. And he saw the beautiful girl watching it. He saw how grateful she was, because the old Lady was her grandma, only he knew that.

So the next day when the old lady wanted to cross the road again, he beat the other man to it and helped her across the road. At the same time he looked up, to make sure that the beautiful girl was watching him. When the old lady wanted to thank him, he just waved her away.

Keep your ducks in a row

Both are seemingly doing the same thing. But are they?

An outsider looking at this scene will most probably think that both men are doing a wonderful job by helping this old lady cross the road.

The outsider is seeing two helpful men if he is “form” conscious. Which means he sees the act with his eyes and only with his eyes or also with his mind. But what if he Sees with the capital S, which means he involves the heart?

If we look at the scene with our heart, what do we See? Instead of seeing what appears to be the case, we See what actually is the case. When you See with your heart you see the essence or the motivation. We see that one man is acting out of love for the old lady and the other is helping to gain the love of the young woman. When we See we are very much connected to our soul and intuition.

We are trained to see the form and not the essence of something.

How often are we invited to a dinner party but don’t really feel like going? So we go anyway, keep smiling and small talking. But how do we feel inside? What is the host feeling if they themselves are not form conscious but connected to their intuition?

How many times we don’t have our ducks in a row or how often do we feel that others are not having their ducks in a row?

What are our intentions?

So if my husband brings me flowers out of the blue and he does it with the right intentions then I feel the love, I feel his heart. And it brings me so much more joy than when he just buys them because it is our wedding anniversary and it is custom to do so.

Nice words, nice smiles, nice acts are empty without the heart, without the love, without the ducks in a row.

Words are just words, acts are just acts but they are filled with energy, all is energy. The essence of this energy is what counts. It will either attract us or repel us. So seeing is not just with our eyes, hearing is not just with our ears. We humans are not just the body. We have a soul and heart which registers all. Some of us are very much in tune with the soul. Others not at all. And some of us feel that something is amiss but we cannot put our fingers on it. We all have been trained to be form conscious. A chair is a chair, a house is a house, a good act is a good act, a bad act is a bad act. We are fast to judge and discriminate, but are we able to discern, to look behind the facades?

Pure intentions don’t need thinking

We can unlearn to be only “form” conscious and connect to our heart and soul again. Let’s be more mindful and aware of our own intentions and actions. When doing so we give others the permission to do the same. Whatever we do, whenever we do it, let’s just have a look at our intentions and keep our hearts pure. Let’s act more out of sincere love. Pure intentions don’t need thinking, it is just acting, it is spontaneous.

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