What happens once we die?

Life after Death

Spirit world – life after death, what happens once we die?

What happens once we die?

The spirit world or life after death: There are many concepts and even more believes about it. Every human being will ask himself at least once in his lifetime, what will happen once he dies. Where will we go? Is there a heaven or a hell? Will we choose to be born again? What do we do on the other side? How does the other realm look like?

Many people ask me as Medium about life after death or the spirit world. If I’m really honest with myself and with you nobody really knows. And by knowing I mean also have experienced it. We probably have been there before, but we have forgotten about it.

Yes we can believe or imagine things. We can read from people who had near death experiences, talk to our spirit guides about it. We can visit and listen to Mediums or Channelers.

But we cannot experience it until it happens. It will just always be a concept or stay a believe.

I’m not saying what you believe or what you’re saying is wrong. I also have my believes about life after death, trust me. It is just that we really don’t Know. So when I talk about heaven it might be different to what others say or you believe. I would never claim to be right.

spirit world life after death

Spirit world – what I believe

What I really know is that we don’t die. Yes our body ceases, but our soul continues to live. As a spiritual medium I certainly bring forth evidence with every contact I make. Life will continue, the soul never dies. So this is my experience as a medium.

We are endless, unlimited beings. And once we die, duality will also cease to exist. There is no good or bad, no light or darkness, no happiness or sorrow, also no health or sickness, no judging or being judged, just being.

For me personally the spirit world is real, it is a place of love.

In the spirit world we don’t lose who we truly are. Furthermore while doing medium readings our loved ones still have the same character traits or personality as before. They also often tell us what they are doing in the spirit world. Time and space is not linear as here on earth. There are different realms, but certainly not what we call hell with the fire and the devil.We all have to take responsibilities for all our actions. The spirit world is a place of love and healing not punishment. We will have time to learn and grow our souls there too.

But honestly how life after death unfolds is not important to know isn’it? But to really Know that our souls will always be, that we continue to exist gives us trust and hope. Yes even a push to live our life with purpose and without fear. It also gives us peace and freedom.

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