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A psychic sitting or reading on a psychic level is a communication from soul to soul, heart to heart, from you to me and me to you. A Psychic reading is about you, not your loved ones on the other side. Private readings can be held online via Skype and Zoom too, the quality is the same. As a Spiritual Medium who has learned from the best UK Mediums I embrace technology. It allows us all to connect with each other worldwide. Your benefit is that you can have a private reading without having to travel, without traffic jams and from the comfort of your home.

While connected with your energy field I provide you with some evidence about your past, tell you about your current life situation and talk about your potential. I’m blending with your soul and tell you about the essence of your soul, which in return can help you to understand who you really are. This is no fortune telling it is merely an assessment of your spirit and soul. When blended with your energy field I see, feel and know things. We can talk about topics like family, work, career, relationships, health, potential, education and so on.

Sometimes in our daily life we feel a bit lost or overwhelmed and it feels good to share it with somebody from the outer circle who is not family or friends. Or sometimes it just feels right to receive some guidance. You can see it as if I’m shining with a torchlight in a direction, where maybe you forgot to look. Or in German there is the saying one doesn’t see the forest anymore because there are too many trees. A psychic reading helps you connect with your higher self, and see your path ahead more clearly.

If you allow yourself to accept guidance, then guidance will be provided in the most unexpected ways.

I just give you glimpses and ideas. I will never tell you what to do as I really am no fan of that. We all have our destiny but we also all have our free will and it is not my right to interfere.

Experience a Psychic Reading

Would you like to experience a psychic reading with Spiritual Medium Daniela and see your path clearer? You can book an appointment right away. For the people overseas you can book a private reading online from the comfort of your home. There is no quality loss. Energie knows no boundaries and I can feel your energy field on Skype and Zoom too.

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I use no tools like:

  • Tarot Cards
  • Crystal balls
  • Angels Cards
  • Master Cards
  • Runes
  • Pendulums
  • Tea leaves
  • etc.

I know many psychics but also mediums who work with tools like tarot cards. Tarot cards are nice and the spirit world will bring guidance also through tarot cards. Tarot cards might provide a red thread throughout a reading and help the psychic to keep connected. But it is not the tarot card which gives you answers, it is your soul. Just be aware I myself use no such tools because the center of attention for me are not the tools but you as a human being and soul. We have the answers to all questions within us.

Instead of looking outside and use tools, better look inside and find diamonds.

A really important aspect of my work it to help you to feel yourself again, so you know who you really are and rediscover your direct access to your soul.

psychic reading

My job is done, when you don’t need a medium or a spiritual teacher anymore, that’s the goal.

I don’t want to create any dependencies, I just want you to be able to help yourself again. We have all the tools within, so I’m just a catalyst for you to discover them again. Important to know: I will not provide readings more than twice a year per individual.

A psychic reading can also be a spiritual assessment, we see where you stand spiritually, where your abilities lie and what you need to finally start to shine.


Sometimes people come to a psychic reading with preconceptions or ideas what the medium has to answer. You want to hear about your love life, but the medium gives you answers about self love. Just know that your soul and spirit knows it best and I as a medium do my upmost to listen to your soul and convey its wishes and answers to you. What will be said is what you need to hear at that moment in time. I’m no fortune teller and your spirit is not interested to know if you ever will win the lottery. These informations are irrelevant in the grand scheme of life. Just be open and trust that you will go home feeling good and lighter.

It can happen that you book a psychic reading with me, but when we meet there will be a loved one who wants so talk to you. If that is the case, I will always let them talk too if you wish so. Their information can also help you on your path forward.

Psychic Reading Information

  • A psychic reading can take place in person, via Skype, E-Mail or other online communication tools
  • I don’t need to know anything about you, your family and friends, your name is enough but not necessary either
  • No CD is provided from me, but you are more than welcome to voice record the sitting or take notes
  • A psychic reading is for one person only
  • You must be over the age of 18 for a psychic sitting, if not you can be accompanied by an adult
  • If you need medical attention or are in therapy be aware that I’m no doctor or psychologist
  • I can have a bad day too, so if the reading doesn’t flow as I wish, I will refund you your money. I am human after all
  • Mediums are no fortune tellers
  • I will not provide readings more than twice a year per individual
  • Be open and relaxed
  • Enjoy it, get excited and have fun!

I’m looking forward working with you!

Many questions might arise if you are interested in mediumship, meditation, spiritualism and self development. That’s why you can contact me anytime. I also write about these topics on my blog and my newsletter.

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