Live Online Demonstration of Mediumship


Live Online Demonstration of Mediumship: No matter where you live in the world you can enjoy an evening of mediumship with Daniela from the comfort of your home.

September 1
11am PDT, 9am EST, 5pm UK, 6pm CET
daniela hadorn
Daniela Hadorn
Daniela is an evidential spiritual medium from Switzerland. Her loving and comforting messages from the loved ones in the spirit world are exceptionally precise. She has this amazing ability to blend deeply and compassionately with the spirit world.
Get ready for the Live Online Medium Readings in...
  • Medium readings easy and comfortable from your home, wherever you are in the world.
  • It`s magical! Reconnect with your loved ones who want to talk to you.
  • Experience love, comfort, healing and messages from the spirit world.


Online medium readings or public demonstrations of mediumship are an easy, affordable and comfortable way to connect to your loved ones in heaven. It is also just the perfect way to see how medium readings work, if you never have had one. There are no high costs involved, no long travels, no traffic jams and no risks at all. Just receive messages from beyond from the comfort of your home.

Experience mediumship the “British” way where the focus is on evidence for a live after death. Our loved ones want to make sure that we know that it is really them talking to us. They want to bring comfort but also love. The bond of love and the soul transcend the physical death.


You will receive a link for Zoom, where you can tune in on the date and time of the mediumship gallery event. There will be a maximum of 30 people allowed on the online public demonstration of mediumship. You will only need a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a microphone. You can hear and see Daniela and the other members of the audience. However if you want you can use your camera, but if you want to remain unseen it is fine too. Daniela will give short medium readings to random members in the audience. She will not divulge any sensitive, painful and too personal information in front of a whole audience. Daniela follows the lead of the loved ones in the spirit world and therefore cannot guarantee you a reading. The spirit world decides who will receive messages. However these messages through divine serendipity will mostly touch more than one person in the audience.


Duration: 1 hour

Duration of each contact: A minimum of 7 min. each

Price: Tickets are USD 15 per person

Payment: Upfront in the online shop (PayPal or Credit Card)

Information: No guarantees for a contact for everybody. No sensitive information is given in front of an audience.


Daniela is an evidential medium with an astounding ability to blend with the spirit world to bring through personality, memories, love, comfort and undeniable evidence. She is a certified professional spiritual medium from Switzerland. Daniela has been trained for several years by the world famous British mediums Mavis Pittilla, Paul Jacobs and Andy Byng. She belongs to the new generation of mediums, where technology is used to spread the messages from the spirit world all over the world. But also where evidence is combined with emotions and messages.

Magical are the medium readings where you really feel your loved one coming alive through the medium.

The inner peace and comfort you experience knowing that your loved one is doing fine and is still around you is priceless.

Come with an open heart and mind. Are you curious? Just book your spot and tune in on the next date…

I have had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Daniela where she mediated a contact with my father. I have received a number of readings previously but never with such precision and compassion. Daniela was so precise in her detail I felt I was reliving a childhood memory that I shared with my beloved father. She also had a beautiful way of expressing my fathers character and idiosyncrasies. If you get the opportunity to have a reading from Daniela please do not hesitate to do so. I can thoroughly recommend her!


Daniela´s caring and extremely empathic way to give readings are touching me every time. Also on demonstrations on the platform Daniela convinces with clear statements and at the same time with a lot of warmth, there is life after death. Thank you Daniela for your great way as a medium.


Dear Daniela, your demonstration of mediumship on the platform where you blend with spirit are full of emotions. You touch people´s hearts deeply. Your reading for me was on point and really heartfelt. I´m looking forward to the next time. I wish you luck and success on your journey as a medium.

"Love is an eternal bond. " Daniela Hadorn