Live Online Demonstration of Mediumship (5-7 spirit contacts in one hour)


December 8
11am West C., 2pm East C., 7pm UK, 8pm Europe
daniela hadorn
Daniela Hadorn
Daniela is an evidential psychic and spiritual medium. When communicating with spirit, she presents clear evidence that only the receiver can verify. Emotional healing frequently occurs during Daniela's live sessions on both sides, and it spreads to all participants who are open to receive it.
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  • Join live spirit communications from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are!
  • Reconnect with loved ones who wish to send you messages – it’s magical!
  • Experience peace, love and healing through messages from the spirit world!

How does a live online demonstration of mediumship work?

The live online sessions are limited to a maximum of 30 participants, who will receive a link with simple instructions on how to connect to my room in Zoom.

The demonstrations start on Sundays at 11am PDT (West Coast) / 2pm EDT (East Coast) / 7pm BST (UK) / 8pm CEST (Europe) and last for approximately 60-70 minutes.

Daniela will first present a brief introduction about mediumship, and will then give medium readings to random members in the audience.

She will not share any personal, sensitive or painful information.

Who will receive a live reading with messages from beyond?

Between 5-7 live spirit contacts typically occur during a one hour demonstration session.

Daniela has no influence over which participants will receive a reading. The selection of contacts and the order in which they are given is solely determined by the spirit world. However, these messages from beyond usually touch more than one person in the audience through divine serendipity .

During each contact, Daniela will identify the intended recipient. She will present evidential information and personal messages from our loved ones on the other side.

Please do not join a live online demonstration if you are not willing to receive a live reading. If you do receive a reading you are only required to answer “Yes” or “No” to the evidential information.

What do I need to participate?

  • An open mind
  • A computer or a mobile device with an active internet connection

You will see Daniela live on video and hear her audio during the entire session.

You are free to decide if you would like to join by video, by audio or only by chat. An active camera is not required. You will remain anonymous if you prefer, by simply entering a nickname on Zoom instead of your real name.

Further details about the live spirit contacts events

Duration: About 1 hour

Duration of each contact: About 7 minutes

Price: US$ 15 per person

Payment: Upfront in the online shop (PayPal or credit card)

About spiritual medium Daniela Hadorn

Daniela is an evidential medium with an astounding ability to blend with the spirit world. As a certified professional spiritual medium she conveys undeniable evidence. Daniela has been trained for years by world famous British mediums such as Mavis Pittilla, Paul Jacobs and Andy Byng. She belongs to a new generation of evidential mediums, using modern internet technology to spread love and messages from spirit all over the world.

Dear Daniela, I just received two intense spirit contacts from you on your online demonstration of mediumship. I’m still so very, very touched! I didn’t expect it to be so wonderfully possible to get a spirit contact online. I’m grateful that you also offer this, since I can’t travel so easily to Switzerland from Northern Germany. That’s why I can highly recommend the online demonstration of mediumship and online medium readings that Daniela offers! I am very glad that you are doing this work. You prove with great dedication and liveliness that our loved ones on the other side are not really gone, thank you!!!! Warm greetings from Britt by the baltic sea who with Daniela’s help could speak to her dad and her grandma.


I have had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Daniela where she mediated a contact with my father. I have received a number of readings previously but never with such precision and compassion. Daniela was so precise in her detail I felt I was reliving a childhood memory that I shared with my beloved father. She also had a beautiful way of expressing my fathers character and idiosyncrasies. If you get the opportunity to have a reading from Daniela please do not hesitate to do so. I can thoroughly recommend her!


Dear Daniela, your demonstration of mediumship on the platform where you blend with spirit are full of emotions. You touch people´s hearts deeply. Your reading for me was on point and really heartfelt. I´m looking forward to the next time. I wish you luck and success on your journey as a medium.

"Love is an eternal bond. " Daniela Hadorn