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30 min. Medium Readings

medium readings spiritual medium 30 min

Chance to talk to your loved one in the spirit world

This medium reading with Daniela gives you the chance to talk to someone who passed to the spirit world. Sometimes we have unfinished business or maybe we just have the desire to communicate with our loved one in the spirit world. Then this reading is the right one. Daniela brings love, comfort and healing.


30 min. Medium Readings: Medium readings with Daniela gives you the chance to talk to someone who passed to the spirit world. Sometimes we have unfinished business or maybe we just have the desire to communicate with our loved ones in the spirit world. Then this reading is the right one.


You can book an online Medium readings or have it in person. Just after choosing the date and time you can chose the  location as well. I’m based in Switzerland but it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, the quality of the reading is the same. Energy doesn’t know boundaries and I can feel spirit anyway. You will find further information on my contact page.


We cannot always choose who comes through but whoever comes will have the right words for you. The ones who have the biggest urge to talk to you or the ones who are ready will communicate through Daniela with you. Every 30 min. medium reading is different and certainly also healing. By the end of the medium reading you will be able to ask questions if any are left. The spirit world knows exactly why you are visiting Daniela and will give it their all to support you all the way.

Even tough the spirit world and Daniela know a lot about the future, remember that they are no fortune tellers. You have your free will and so your future is not set 100% in stone. They give you a helping hand, endless love and comfort.

Medium readings can be booked online or in person. After choosing the date and time for your reading you can choose your what you prefer. I’m based in Switzerland, but it doesn’t matter where you live. The quality of the medium reading is not influenced by how far we live apart. Energy flows regardless and knows no limits.


Often when a beloved person dies, we have open questions or still so much to say. We can struggle with many emotions like fear, grief and guilt. Even after years of losing someone dear to us, we miss them dearly. We cannot hug them anymore or communicate as before.

Medium readings give you the chance to find peace and also to learn to cope better with the death of a beloved. Medium readings also give you the possibility to communicate and talk to them. Often we can find forgiveness, hope and motivation for our own life. Medium readings are not sad, but mostly positive, constructive and often humorous in a respectful and loving way.

Medium readings are not just about you, but about your loved ones. Because same as you they also have emotions, wishes and dreams. It is equally their wish to talk to you. Sometimes they come through because they want to support with our life and struggles. They want to motivate and help us to live our potential and purpose. Without them, there would be no medium readings. And healing takes place on both sides.

As a spiritual medium I’m merely the bridge, who simplifies the communication between you and your loved ones.


Daniela blends with the person in the spirit world and becomes one with them. She will see, hear, feel and know what they want to bring across. While doing so, Daniela is fully aware of her surroundings. She doesn´t need any tools like crystal balls, chantings or prayers. But you might see that she adopts the same mannerism and same phrases your loved one used to have or say. Daniela is very optimistic and sensitive and with her loving way she will touch your soul. During the 30 min. medium reading you will certainly know that your loved one is save, healthy and still present in your life.

Daniela will tell you their life story, bring you evidence, love and comfort

I´m looking forward to a wonderful 30 min. medium reading with you.

If you want to know more about the 30 min. medium reading or herself just browse Daniela´s website. You can also email her any time.


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Many have questions about my services because they are not very familiar with mediumship. So don`t hesitate to contact me via email or phone if you have a question.



Daniela gives demonstrations of mediumship regularly in Switzerland and online worldwide. Would you like to experience her live? Then just inform yourself when the next event will take place.