mediumship evidence

As a spiritual or psychic medium evidence in mediumship is important to me. Naturally emotions or messages we receive like the I love you’s belong to medium readings and mediumship too, but they are not always evidence. Evidence in mediumship is important, because sometimes people say our work is dishonest. But also we want to proof life after death and that our loved ones from the spirit world are really here to communicate with us.


Spiritual mediums sometimes are accused to use cold or hot reading. Which means we read the people in front of us or in the audience, with the voice, body language, answers, facial expression etc.. And they believe that’s how we establish a contact with the spirit world. No spiritual medium can exclude for sure that they are not receiving some information via cold or hot reading, but most are not doing in consciously or deliberately. There may be some mediums out there doing deliberate cold or hot reading. But as a serious spiritual medium it is really important to establish a clear and deep connection with the spirit people.


Especially because of such accusations I sometimes hold a demonstration of mediumship blindfolded. And this is unique in Switzerland! I blindfold my eyes and ask the audience afterwards to change the seats. The answers like the yes, no and I don’t know I receive from a different person, not from the recipient of the reading. Even with my eyes blindfolded I will say in which row and which side the recipient is sitting.

This way I disprove cold or hot reading, because I cannot hear the voice, I cannot see the faces or cannot read the body language. Also with changing the seats I cannot remember where the people were sitting. It’s pure trust I give to the spirit world. I don’t do it for entertainment purposes but to show that the connections are real, that our loved once in the spirit world are real, that life after death exists.

When I developed my mediumistic abilities with Andy Byng, we often had to work blindfolded. And I thank him for doing these exercises with us. He also did a blindfolded demonstration once and it worked.


The more precise and exact a statement is, the more it can be seen as evidence in a medium reading or demonstration of mediumship. So, if a spiritual medium says that the father went to work with his car every day, then this statement is not very precise, because many fathers do the same thing. But when he/she additionally says that the father had a yellow Alfa Romeo which smelled of petrol, then it is pretty exact.


I often see spiritual mediums not telling the life story of a loved one, or rather there is no flow during the reading. They jump from one statement to the next without context. As an example they jump from an illness, to the garden and then maybe back to the illness. And the statements are rather vague. This happens when a medium is not really one with the spirit person, or more in the head, or not fully trained.

So, if we stay with the story of the father a flow would mean that the spiritual medium continues telling the story with the car. Like the family took the same yellow car to drive to Italy during the summer time. The boot was full with luggage and beach stuff. But because of the smell of petrol the whole family felt sick before the Gotthard tunnel and they had to take a longer break. After the spiritual medium can really develop the story for example by telling where they went to the beach or where they were sleeping and eating etc. These life stories and their unfolding really is true evidence and brings forth the joy to the recipient because they are memories. The more flow and the more precise the better.


Not just shared memories are evidence but also job, hobbies, family, relationship and some more. But the statements must be as precise as possible. At one of my demonstrations of mediumship I had a grandmother who wanted to talk to her granddaughter. The granny loved to knit. Well how many of us have grannies who do that? Yes, many. But this granny always knitted bed socks, which her granddaughter had to wear, when she spent the holidays with her. I also described, what color and pattern these socks had.

On demonstrations of mediumship it is also an evidence, if the spiritual medium directly finds the recipient in the audience. I know many mediums who just throw the contact out and ask the audience who can take the contact. This is ok if information is specific enough that only one or two hands go up. But if 20 hands go up and minutes pass until the right recipient is found, that can be quite boring. The best mediums know for who the contact is. This is evidence too.


Vague wishy washy statements like the mother loved to cook or the brother traveled a lot may be evidence if it is right. But somehow they leave shallow aftertaste if the whole contact consists of such statements and additionally tell no story. It is the mediums job to bring the loved one in heaven alive through telling their story. That a loved one loves us or that they miss us is a beautiful statement, that’s what they come to tell us every time. But in a way is not really evidence if not more is told.


But what I have to say is, that we evidential spiritual mediums are also just humans. We too can have a bad working day and the statements then sometimes are not so precise and deep, anyway the evidence is still here. To really see how good a medium works, one has to experience it several times. Also if a mediums receives a no, doesn’t mean it is a bad medium. Maybe the information was wrongly interpreted. Generally we say, that in average over 90% of the statements should be correct for a good medium reading.

I was trained as a spiritual medium in the UK, where the evidence is really important. For me a good balance between evidence but also emotions is important. The emotions should also be included in every medium reading, but should not be only the only part. When people come to me to a private sitting or to a demonstration of mediumship then they should be sure that their loved one is really here to talk to them.

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