Medium readings – contact with your loved ones


A medium readings on a mediumistic level is a communication with your loved ones or friends in the spirit world. Most persons who passed over want to talk to us, tell us about their life, give us support or maybe still have unfinished business they wish to clear. Some of these individuals want to come from beyond to amend a broken relationship.

As a spiritual medium I’m merely the bridge between our two worlds.

As a spiritual medium my awareness goes beyond the physical five senses. My soul, my consciousness senses people that are not physically here anymore. I am one with the soul in the spirit world. They show me images and pictures therefore I receive the information clairvoyantly with my inner eye. I hear what they want to say, I feel their emotions and just know what they want to tell you. All this is nothing scary or extraordinary, I’m just aware to the energies around us.

Spiritual Medium Daniela Hadorn has learned from the best Mediums there are. Evidence is crucial, same as love and compassion. She offers private medium readings online for her clients worldwide. The spirit world loves technology. It gives them the opportunity to find the right medium to transport their messages. There is no quality loss at all, but many benefits like no traveling, no traffic jams, no hourly limits. It is so comfortable to have medium readings from home via Skype or Zoom.


Medium readings or private readings have the following benefits for your and your loved ones in the spirit world:

  • comfort
  • answers
  • forgiveness
  • understanding
  • love
  • and a lot more

In my blog article you will find more details about the benefits. And you also find concrete experience reports from medium readings.

Our loved ones are not gone, they are still here. And because of that I can provide evidence and facts about their life, personality and emotions. During the medium reading I tell you their life story. Very often they will give you a message as well, because they want to support you on your path here on earth. They are here for love.

Like in real life they don’t change their character or personality over night. When a person was outgoing and open, the contact flows easily. When a person was shy, then probably they don’t show me so many pictures but I feel their emotions more.

medium reading

Every contact is different and always leaves everybody in a good energy. The people in the spirit world are here to support us all the way. Consequently a medium reading is always a healing experience.

They want us to celebrate their life and in return tell us to celebrate ours. Talking to loved ones in heaven is above all a healing experience.

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Would you like to experience a medium reading with Daniela and communicate with your loved ones? Medium readings or private readings can be held from the comfort of your home online via Skype or Zoom, there is no quality loss at all. No need to travel or to sit in traffic jams.

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A Spiritual Medium communicates with individuals who have passed over. It is important that a Medium provides you with evidence and facts but also meets the need of the soul in the spirit world. Imagine you have passed over, wouldn’t you want to make sure that your loved ones recognises you? Everybody can give you messages which might be a healing experience, but rather leave you with more questions than before.

In my experience our loved ones want us to know that they are really here and their souls merely left the earthly body. As a result they are more than eager to provide as many bits and peaces from their earthly life. If I´m being honest they are a medium´s real customers and rather stand in their service and duty.

It is important to notice, all medium are psychic, but not all psychics are medium. It’s like surgeons are all doctors, but doctors are not all surgeons.

We Mediums receive the information from the spirit world. A Psychic receives the information form your energy field. There is nothing wrong with that, it is just important to know the difference. A psychic is more aware of the earthly energies, a medium is aware of spirit and earthly energies. The psychic talks about you and the medium talks about souls in spirit and if wished so about you too.


It doesn’t matter where you and I live or which communication tool we use to talk. You don’t have to be physically present for successful medium readings or private readings. So even though I live in Switzerland it doesn’t matter where you live. I will not need any tools like crystal balls etc. or any special preparations like prayers and chanting. I’ll just connect with the spirit world and see who will come forth and wants to talk to you. The spirit world loves to work with the modern technologies we have today and so do I. So you can have a private reading from the comfort of your home, no need to travel or to sit in traffic jams.

My only job is to give those in spirit a voice.

Sometimes it is not the person you expected or wanted to hear from. Believe me it will always be the right person. Everything which is said meant to be said. It is amazing, they always know what you need to hear.

We mediums don’t call or disturb the dead. We just feel if somebody is here for you, we don’t control who comes for you. Our loved ones in heaven really enjoy to come through.


What often happens is, that somebody comes into a medium reading thinking: “I’m only going to believe the Medium if Uncle Max comes and tells me about his horse Billy.” They will sit through the reading only waiting for Uncle Max and Billy and missing all the other validating evidence. These people go home rather unsatisfied saying that the medium did get most of the things wrong.

I do understand, that many come with a lot of expectations or are even sceptic. You have all the right to be so. Therefore I recommend that you record the sittings and listen to it carefully at home again. Don’t go into a reading with too many expectations, just be open and relaxed. You will have the chance to ask questions at the end of the reading. I often find that most questions will be answered beforehand.

For many years I was rather sceptic myself, because my mind wanted to know exactly how everything works in detail. Not everything can be explained scientifically and maybe this never could be explained in words, because it goes beyond. But through my experiences I know that the people in the spirit world are real and not all the “why’s” and “how’s” can be explained. We are not separated, the way we think we are. We are separated through our minds, our body. This is why we feel loss. But we are still connected through our souls, our heart.


Please be aware that your loved ones will not tell you how to live your life or give predictions for the future. It is simply not their or my job. You live your own life, that’s why you are here on earth to have your own experiences. They give us guidance if they feel it’s needed. They won’t tell you what to do. What is talked about is up to your loved ones, we don’t decide.

Imagine you are in spirit world and you got only this one chance to talk to your loved one through a Medium. Wouldn’t it rather be rude of the Medium or your family member or friend to steer the conversation and not give you the chance to say the things you wanted to say? We also give them our respect and in return we can experience the magic of life after death and also the true healing which comes with it.

Medium Readings Information

  • A Medium Reading can take place in person, via Skype or other online communication tools
  • I don’t want or need to know anything about you, your family and friends
  • No CD is provided from me. You are welcome to voice record the sitting or take notes
  • Each reading is for one person only. You can book a group reading if you want the family to be present
  • You must be over the age of 18 for a medium sitting, if not you can be accompanied by an adult
  • If you need medical attention or are in therapy be aware that I’m no doctor or psychologist
  • I can have a bad day too, if the reading doesn’t flow as I wish, I will refund you your money. I’m certainly only human.
  • Mediums are no fortune tellers. For the reason that we don’t want to interfere with your life.
  • Above all be open and relaxed
  • And finally enjoy it, get excited and have fun!


Maybe you are interested in mediumship, meditation, spiritualism and self development. Do you have questions, just contact me. You can also check out my blog, or subscribe to my newsletter.

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