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Inspirational Videos – Loving, encouraging, spiritual and helpful

The inspirational videos of Daniela cover topics like mediumship, meditation, self development, spirituality and life after death. Also just some thoughts and interesting snippets which are meant to inspire you. Mediumship is my work and my passion. Also meditation is certainly an integral part of my daily life. These inspirational videos have the purpose to inspire you.

I don´t like to see myself on video or hear my voice. Seems like I jumped over my shadow because you matter. These inspirational videos give you the chance to also see me and get to know me better. It is important to choose a spiritual medium and teacher carefully. If you don´t like me then I´m certainly not the medium for you. There are many other professional mediums and teachers out there. If you feel drawn to me, then I´m maybe be the one for you.

In my inspirational videos I answer many questions which arise naturally while on a spiritual journey. How does a medium work? What is intuition? What means awakening? How can I learn to meditate? How can I also quiet my mind? Who am I? These are rather short snippets of many questions.

I want to share my experiences with you. My entire life I have been fascinated with mediumship and meditation. As spiritual beings we are all lifelong learners. My wish is to touch your soul and help you discover your own potential. I hope to inspire you and wish that my inspirational videos are useful to you.

All we need is sometimes a little flicker of hope and Grace to live our true potential. The inspirational videos provide encouragement for everybody, even if you don´t consider yourself spiritual. Hopefully you enjoy and have fun. Don´t worry, I keep my inspirational videos short and sweet. The essence of the message is the key.

Please don´t hesitate to ask me questions – check out my Ask Daniela page too. Or would you like to be part of my inner circle?

Much love,