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Meditation is part of my daily life since over 20 years. Meditation has gifted me some profound revelations. Spirituality is an inward journey, a discovery of our true Self, of who we really are.

Meditation is Silence, Silence is being.

But also freedom, peace and love. That which is always and already here.

I gathered knowledge from Buddhism, Hinduism, Mental Training and Spiritualism. Truth I found in the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta. But you know what? It doesn´t really matter, because Silence doesn’t need any techniques, rules and teaching.

So therefore I cannot show you or teach you how to meditate, or how to be. You already are That. I’m just here to share Knowledge, so you see your own Self, so you recognise that you are not only one single droplet, but the whole ocean.


I guess like many of you out there I struggled with the same issues in the very early years:

  1. Not enough time
  2. I cannot keep my mind quiet
  3. Difficulties in sitting still and in the same position
  4. and anyway I find all the possible excuses….

To struggle is being in the body, mind and emotions.

Meditation means many things to different people. Maybe focusing on your breath, or imagining a nice place or your inner power and flame, maybe you connect to the spirit world, or you listen to some guided meditation, or concentrate on something. These practices animate us to think: I am this body, these thoughts, these emotions. And so you think: I want this, I have to do this, I have to learn this, I have to practice, I have to invest time, I have to keep this. That’s where our struggles start and suffering is. We start associating meditation as something we have to do in order to change, to relax, to be spiritual or to be healthy and so on.


Start seeing meditation as just being. This can happen everywhere, anytime, anyhow, even while washing dishes. There are these moments, where we experience a sunset, or are in the middle of the forest, or in our child’s embrace where we just are. No mind, no body, no emotion, only pure beingness.

We are pure beingness and consciousness all the time, we just don’t see it anymore. Because we look with our eyes, our mind, body instead of our Self.

On my website, in my blog, courses and in my newsletter I will give you some insights. It is for everybody, not only for mediums or psychics but also for people struggling with depression and anxiety or for the ones who just want to find inner peace. Together we will experience beingness more and more.

Much Love and blessings


Learn how to meditate: No techniques, tools like music, affirmations, imagination and coaching are needed to meditate. We humans have the inclination to complicate everything. There is nothing you have to „do“ or achieve to meditate.

Every mindful act, interaction, step and breath in awareness is meditation, just being is meditation. It is the place where we are One with the Self, the divine source and everything around and within us. It is our natural state, where we are surrendered, it is where we are home.

The state which we are in while deeply in meditation or in silence is our natural one, the one that is limitless, endless and free, it is always present, always here.

In meditation we leave all thoughts, all emotions and desires behind. We experience Oneness – something beyond thought or imagination, and certainly beyond words.


We learned to engage our mind, to multi-task, to satisfy our desires. While doing one thing, we think already about the next task. Sometimes even doing two things at the same time. We constantly live in our past or our future and are lost in thoughts. We become unaware, stressed, scattered and anxious. This is the outward journey.

Chaos inside, is chaos outside. Stillness inside, is stillness outside. This is a law of nature.

Our mind keeps us constantly busy. Thoughts are sometimes needed, they are natural and they will arise, this is natural. The question is how much power do you give your thoughts. Do you get attached to them? Or lost in them? Do you spin them further? Do you construct stories?


Meditation with CDs, guided meditations, imagination or visualisations are for relaxation. Focusing on your breath, or concentrating on something are for concentration. They have their values and maybe are the „right thing“ for you at this moment. There is no good and no bad way at all. Whoever wants to achieve relaxation or concentration then maybe these two exercises are not for you.

You can be silent in your everyday life. For example, while you clean your plate, or while showering, while washing your clothes and brushing your teeth. Just stay with that one task, don’t let your thoughts wander, don’t think about the next step or task. When you clean the fork, stay with the fork. Once the cleaning is done, do the drying. Dry the fork and stay with drying the fork. After that put the fork in the drawer and take the next fork. If a thought arises be aware of it and let it go, go back to drying the fork. Just keep silent inside, while your body is busy. Stay with the One. Here.

Try to repeat this exercise until you feel comfortable with it.

Just be, here, while sitting in a comfortable position next. Direct the mind towards its source, to where the mind arises from. Stay in the company with your Self.

Without mind, which is the I, past, present and future, there are no struggles. Just benefits.


Download my free Cheat Sheet “how to meditate”. Find information about struggles, mind, movement and being. Hang the cheat sheet on the wall or keep it with you. Let all the old concepts go and embrace Silence and Being.



No matter if you are spiritual or not, if you are a medium or not, if you are a farmer or a banker meditation has many scientifically proven benefits:

  • happiness, calmness and relaxation
  • more energy and optimism
  • better performance
  • less depression, anxiety, stress and worry
  • more self-esteem and self-acceptance
  • increases mental strength
  • better creative thinking, problem solving and concentration
  • improves immune system
  • reduces blood pressure
  • improves heart rates
  • raises your consciousness
  • and so much more

Furthermore meditation is a pathway to freedom, inner peace and self realisation. Being who you truly are.


I offer group meditation for students who want to benefit from the energy of the collective. We meditate together for 30 min. and after there is a question and answer session. The meditations are not guided, there will be no music, they take place only in silence. I’m being in stillness with you so you can benefit the most. Remember we are “unlearning”. We unlearn all the concepts and believes about who we think we are. We see beyond the veil and do not add more power to your mind.

The meditation in silence will probably scare some of you away and I understand. It is definitely simpler and more relaxing for you to just sit and listen to somebody talking. I would give you some momentary pleasure or satisfaction, but also add to your struggles and empower your I, your mind.

My philosophy is for you to unlearn, to let go of whatever believes and concepts you took on.

Maybe the essence of these written words ring true in your heart and you feel the pull. You are welcome to join the group meditation anytime.

These classes take place online (in English) and physically in Switzerland (German). Please contact me if you want to join or checkout my events page.

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"In meditation there is nothing to do. Doing is the outward journey. Meditation is an inward journey. Stillness within, endless and limitless, everything and nothing. Within we stay still as the lake, one with all." Daniela Hadorn