Evening of mediumship Volkshaus Zürich

SA, 6. April, 7 PM

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Demonstration of Mediumship

Evening of Mediumship

Messages from loved ones in spirit with amazing accuracy and love


  • Location Volkshaus, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Date SA, 6. April 2019
  • Time 7 PM, CET
  • Price $30.00


See Daniela working as a spiritual medium live on stage together with medium Gülcin Özer, who is the organisor of the evening. Get to know Daniela Hadorn as a medium on this evening of mediumship. Daniela is a guest medium who will establish contacts with your loved ones.

We give medium readings with love and compassion for the audience and are looking forward to a special evening full of joy and fun.

This evening everybody will be experience healing and comfort.

As spiritual mediums we give you evidence about life after death. But more importantly we will connect people from this and the spirit world. Some in the audience will receive a contact from the spirit world and feel the love, comfort and healing.

Tickets are CHF 30 each. Payment directly at the entrance. Reservation on info@guelcinoezer.com or via online form (German). 

Door opening is at 7 pm in the green room of the Volkshaus Zürich, start is at 7:30 pm.

Medium on platform this evening

Gülcin Özer
spiritual medium daniela hadorn
Daniela Hadorn

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