Demonstration of mediumship in Olten


Demonstration of Mediumship

Demonstration of Mediumship

Loving messages from beyond, be amazed by the evidence and love


  • Location Region of Olten, Switzerland
  • Date in May 2019
  • Time Details will follow
  • Price $25.00


Experience the work of Daniela Hadorn as a spiritual medium first hand. A demonstration of mediumship give you the chance to get to know Daniela Hadorn as a medium. You are invited to an evening of mediumship with Daniela and some selected guest mediums who will establish contacts with your loved ones.

Daniela Hadorn and all the mediums on stage give proof beyond doubt of the afterlife, all delivered with emotion, sensitivity, empathy and love. The insight into the lives of total strangers is remarkable, as they receive fascinating and indisputable evidence from the other side.

Remarkably compelling, amazingly detailed and accurate and always humorous. Nobody can fail to come away untouched by the experience.

Daniela´s job is to demonstrate that, although the physical body dies, the soul, including the personality and the memory lives on and is capable of intelligent communication with those still living in the physical world.

Daniela loves to demonstrate in front of an audience large or small. The spirit world supports her to reach and help each and every member of the audience, whether she is demonstrating to 10 or 1,000 people. The spirit world will know those members of the audience who are most in need, giving them a bigger chance of receiving a personal message. It is also those in the spirit world who choose the right medium to best communicate their personalities and the messages they wish to pass on.

Attending a mediumship demonstration does not guarantee a message. But all the contacts hold some messages for the whole audience. We all feel the love and the presence of the spirit world. We all can receive healing from it. We are once again reminded, that our love connection never dies and always is there.

Tickets are CHF 25  each and we only have a limited quantity. They are already selling quickly … so get yours sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.


By train: From Zurich, Bern, and Luzern Olten is reachable in just 35 Minuten via SBB Swiss trains SBB. The AARE RIVERVIEW is about 5 Minutes away by foot from the train station SBB, via the historical bridge.

By car: Olten is easily reachable by car. Parking spots are close by the Outdoor Pools of Olten, in Schützenmatte, Hausmattrain 6, 4600 Olten. The AARE RIVERVIEW is in 5 Min. walking distance.

AARE RIVERVIEW, Zielempgasse 10, 4600 Olten.
Close to the wooden bridge on the side of the old town.


Gülcin Özer


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