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Workshops, Seminars, Courses in Mediumship and Meditation

Daniela offers development workshops and seminars, online or in person. There is always a lot of practical exercises but also some talks, background information and philosophy. It is important that students gain an in depth and overall understanding in the art of mediumship, meditation and self development.

She has studied and developed mediumship for a long time. But she also has years of experience in spiritualism, religion, philosophy, meditation, public speaking and coaching. Daniela loves to share her passion and experience she could gather through her different studies.

Daniela is very compassionate, honest and down to earth in the way she is teaching. She wants her students to be able to live their full potential, gain in confidence, explore their gifts but also see who they truly are. Therefore she creates an environment where people feel supported, understood and safe. The classes are hard work and intensive, but very rewarding.

Every seminar, every group and individual is different. Daniela takes care of every student and every group and changes the course content according their knowledge. She feels where you stand right now and always tries her best to support you along the way. Individual care is important to her. So whenever there are more than 14 students she will invite another tutor to teach alongside her.

Demonstration of Mediumship, Platform Mediumship, Mediumship Gallery

Daniela loves to demonstrate her mediumship on platform or gallery. This is where you can experience the magic and beauty of the love connection which stays forever in place. Even after death. As spiritual mediums we bring evidence for life after death by telling the story of your loved ones, how they lived their physical lives. But it is much more than only evidence.

There is also a lot of emotion and food for thought. We learn that our loved ones who have passed away are still the same people, still human. They are just a breath away and love us very much. A demonstration of mediumship will move us, bring us laughter, comfort, happiness or sometimes even tears, some of joy and some of sadness.

The demonstration of mediumship gives you the chance to experience the work of a medium first hand and you also get to know Daniela and her way of working too.

Daniela demonstrates alone or alongside other mediums, who share the same way of working and integrity.

​With the demonstration of mediumship and seminars Daniela reaches more and more people every year, who think about life after death or have questions about life in general. Her live performances take place online and worldwide, but also in Switzerland (Zurich, Olten, Bern). You can book Daniela for seminars and public demonstrations internationally, just contact her directly.

I´m looking forward meeting you and spending some time on a demonstration or seminar with you.

Much love

Demonstration of Mediumship

Demonstration of Mediumship
Loving messages from beyond, be amazed by the evidence and love
  • Location: Switzerland (Zurich, Olten, Bern) and online
  • Date: next dates coming soon
  • Time: Details will follow

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