Disturbing the dead?

Mediums celebrate life, we are just messengers


Disturbing the dead – Why would a spiritual medium do that?

Mediums celebrate life, we are just messengers

Disturbing the dead

Disturbing the dead? Yes this is really funny. I had a long discussion with my father, God bless him I really love him. He is fascinated by the whole mediumship “thing”, as he puts it. On one of our phone calls he asked me: „But Daniela, why is it necessary that you disturb the dead?“

Oh wow, I really had to laugh. Is it really me disturbing them ? Why does he think that?

Our loved ones in the spirit world want to contact us, they want to communicate and talk. They want to be remembered, some of them want to find peace.

Here is the thing, we learned to not disturbing the dead. One has to be quiet on graveyards and in the church. We also learned that we have to be sad. My father is a roman catholic and I understand his way of thinking, I also understand many others who think that we spiritual or evidential mediums disturb the dead. Many people are also scared of the dead or so called ghosts.

These are just concepts we have in our minds. Also in our western culture death is a difficult subject. Often death is not talked about in families until the very last moment. It is a bit of a taboo. But like everything here on earth we are born and one day we die, this is the circle of life and evolution. We die and leave our body behind, but our soul lives on. As a medium I provide evidence for our immortal soul but the most important task I have is to serve our loved ones in spirit and give them a voice.

Imagine you are dead…

Just try for one moment to imagine you are dead and you see your husband, wife, child, mother, father, brother, sister grieve so hard. Wouldn’t you want to console them in any way? Wouldn’t you try to contact them? Maybe you would try to give them signs like a favourite song playing in the car’s radio. What would you do, if the opportunity knocks on the door and your loved one visits a medium? Would a medium then disturb you?

Also what do you do when a friend wanting to talk knocks on your door? Do you leave the door closed because you don’t want to disturb him/her?

For me dead people have my upmost respect and I would never disturb them, I would never force them to talk to me and it wouldn’t even be possible to do that. I also don’t guarantee my clients that exactly the preferred loved one comes through in a reading. Because I don’t control the contact, the communication nor the communicator. So there is no disturbing the dead.

Yes they are real people, just in another dimension

And believe me, if they don’t want to talk, then they don’t. I have some friends and family members in the spirit world who never talked to me and I have others, which come through all the time like my Mom.

I also don’t leave the door closed if they want to talk and communicate with me, I just love them too much. In the end mediumship is a celebration of life. And I as a Medium am just the link between our worlds, just the messenger.

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