Is there any?


Difference between psychic and medium – does it matter?

Is there any?

Difference between psychic and medium, does it really matter? Yes it does. It is more for your understanding than anything else. The two readings psychic reading and medium reading are two different things. There are Psychics that give medium readings, but receive the information from your energy field. They don’t do it necessarily on purpose, they maybe just don’t know the difference. So you often see that the evidence is not deep and they talk more about you and the message.

Because a Psychic is not a Medium, but every Medium is also a Psychic.

This is what we have in common

When working we blend with the soul of an individual, we connect with them and become one. Blending in this context means we connect to the energy field of an individual. There is a soul to soul or heart to heart communication taking place. Once the connection is established we feel, see and know the information.

This is the difference between psychic and medium

A Psychic blends with your energy field and talks about your life and your potential. The energy of a living person is denser, it feels heavier, but not in a bad way. Some use no tools others use tarot cards, crystal balls and other gadgets. But it is not the tool giving them the answers it is their intuition, their sensitivity. The psychic uses clairvoyance and clairsentience.

A Medium blends with energy field or the soul of a deceased person. The energy is subtler and lighter. The medium has to increase its own energy to be able to communicate with the soul in the spirit world. The medium uses clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. A medium can hear the spirit world as well. It is important that a medium develops and uses all clairs equally.

The medium talks about the person in the spirit world in a medium reading and not about the person receiving the contact. A medium provides detailed evidence.

We all have psychic abilities. Maybe you remember a time, where you walked in a room and you didn’t feel comfortable. Or when your phone was ringing and you knew who was on the line before you even picked up. You feel, see, hear and sense things. This is called intuition. When fine tuning your intuition the hearing, seeing and feeling will become clearer. A Psychic has mastered their intuition to be able to blend with the soul of an individual.

The Medium takes this ability to the next level and connects with the spirit world, heaven or another dimension, whatever you want to call this. A good medium truly trusts, surrenders and puts God on center court during each contact. Which also means, we don’t control what information we get, we just let it flow.

This is the subtle but important difference between psychic and medium.

I know that many say that you are born to be a Medium and not everybody can be a Medium. That may be true. But I believe, if we would all truly live our potential, we would be able to do much more than just talk to dead people.

A spiritual medium isn’t “better” than a psychic. It’s just different kind of work. Both is precious and in my work I blend with all individuals earth and heaven to meet the needs of my clients.

True ethical mediums and psychics are no fortune tellers, we will never tell you what to do. We may give you glimpses into the future or help you see your potential, but we will not make you dependent on our opinions or on readings.

But how can we awaken our true potential? This is a topic for a blog post on its own. So I try to keep it as simple as possible.

We need to know ourself. Not us as the person, our story or our mind, but our soul, who we truly are. Meditation is a key factor for this discovery. To find out that we are all one, we are all everything and nothing.

Many questions could arise if you are interested in mediumship, meditation, spiritualism and self development. I will try my best to answer as many questions as possible on my blog or in my newsletter.

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