When working as a spiritual and psychic medium, clairvoyance is an important component in every mediumistic and psychic reading. It is the mediumistic ability I was first aware of, already as a child. When a spiritual medium is working not only clairvoyance is used, but a combination of all mediumistic abilities like clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience. It means that a spiritual medium receives an image (clairvoyance), which is linked to an emotion (clairsentience) and for example comes also with a voice (clairaudience). When all mediumistic abilities are combined together and happening at the same time you can call that clair knowing or claircognisance, “you just know”.

In the mediumship development a spiritual medium learns and trains the different abilities, but also learns to distinguish them and to naturally use them.

Clairvoyance is the best known psychic ability.


A person who is clairvoyant can see people, objects and events from the past, present and future. Sometimes it is like a movie, in sequences, or sometimes just single images.


Clairvoyance in medium readings

Every spiritual medium is clairvoyant to a certain degree, with some it is more developed with others less. Some are strong clairvoyants others are stronger clairsentient or clairaudient mediums.

As a spiritual medium you can use your clairvoyance in a medium reading. A clairvoyant medium can see people from the spirit world. The medium doesn’t just see people but also objects, memories, events related to the person in the spirit world.

There are two different ways a spiritual medium is clairvoyant:

Clairvoyance objective

The medium can see the spirit person directly in front of him like a living person. So objectively with his own eyes, the physical sense. There is barely a difference if the person is still alive or in the spirit world. The medium can see the spirit person, the other people if they are not objective clairvoyant cannot see him/her. As child I had this objective clairvoyance when I saw my grandmother in my room. By becoming older I lost this ability.

Clairvoyance subjective

The subjective clairvoyance is the most common. The spiritual medium is able to see the spirit person with his inner eye. So similar to day dreaming, or when we remember something from the past. The medium receives images, sequences or sees whole movies.

Clairvoyance in psychic readings

Clairvoyance can also be used in psychic readings. A medium can see the client when they were children, where they lived, special memories or events in their life, all in images. In a psychic reading a spiritual medium can use the clairvoyance for the past, present and future. Often a sensitive and clairvoyant medium can see the aura of a person, or the colors of it. I personally love to read the aura colors of my clients in a psychic reading, as it tells a lot about a person.


So as said before, all the sensitive mediums are clairvoyant. But a serious working spiritual medium follows some rules. We don’t just read the past, present or the future of people without their permission. Also not from Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. This is irresponsible and a breach of privacy.


A clairvoyant medium shouldn’t predict the future. There are many clairvoyants offering to tell people if the will find their dream husband or dream job etc. It is wrong because the future is not set in stone. A clairvoyant can tell possibilities or potential, but not more. Every human being has their free will and a medium should respect that.

Also no tools like tarot cards or crystal balls are needed for being able to be clairvoyant. Not the tarot cards have clairvoyant abilities, but the spiritual medium itself.


I know of many spiritual and sensitive mediums working with symbolism. That means that they see for example a butterfly clairvoyantly. And for them personally a butterfly means freedom. So they give this information to the client. This is ok, if it works. But if the medium receives a no, some of them start to struggle. As a spiritual medium we should always stay open and widen our horizon. Sometimes an image can be taken literally and should be give to the client as we receive it. That means, it could really be that the client has a butterfly tattoo on is right shoulder. Because of that it is important to combine the mediumistic abilities like clairvoyance with clairsentience or clairaudience. Clairvoyance alone is most of the time not that powerful enough to make clear, evidence based statements.


A 100% correct future predictions are not possible! Nothing is written in stone.

A spiritual medium knows and receives many details about the future of a client, but we don’t interfere with his life. I was trained in England and there future predictions are not allowed. Why? Because you can make a client depending of you and you take away his free will. I have had clients and friends say: “Oh you know this medium said this and this will happen on this and this day, so I stay at home.” These people will take any chance to go back to the medium for a next reading because they will not be able to live their life alone anymore.

A serious medium shows you possibilities and potentials, but no set prediction. Some clairvoyants also work with the fear of a client and this is not fair. A spiritual medium uplifts people in a psychic reading and brings them motivation and power to take their life into their own hands.

All of us are more or less clairvoyant. As a spiritual medium we developed and trained this mediumistic ability a bit more. As a sensitive medium we have to learn to trust the images we receive, no matter what we see. But the magic happen when we are able to use all the mediumistic abilities combined, not just the clairvoyance. Then a spiritual medium is really joined as one, joined with the soul of a spirit person or a client.

Your clairvoyant spiritual & psychic medium Daniela

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