Aura colors meaning


Aura colors and their meaning. I love to work with the aura colors of my clients and those of people in the spirit world. They are all beautiful and say a lot about the soul. In psychic readings but also in medium readings I read the auric field with the permission of my clients. This allows me to recognise the personality and especially the potential of the people in order to better support them.


Our soul comes into this world with a purpose in life. A potential, an ability, a gift that is attuned to us. Our soul wants to express itself. Our aura reflects exactly this purpose of life, this potential. It also shows where we stand in our way or why we can not or do not want to live this meaning of life.

Now for me as a spiritual medium, the aura is an important part of my work.


Even as a graphic designer, I consciously chose the colors for the purpose of my clients. Colors in general are very important in our lives and are used accordingly. Each of us has colors that we love and others that we don’t like at all. We express ourselves in colors and wear clothes that correspond to them, decorate our homes and buy things that correspond to our taste.

For years, certain colors have been used in advertising, design, politics, religion, art and healthcare to achieve certain goals. Colors can cheer us up or depress our mood. We all react to colors consciously and sometimes unconsciously.


Everything in this universe is energy, everything is vibration and frequency. As we know from physics, we measure light in waves. Depending on the color, these waves vibrate at different speeds. Some colors are long wavelength, such as red. Others are short-wave, such as purple.


Just as colors vibrate, so does music. In music we have 7 notes and so in the color spectrum we also have 7 primary colors. The note C vibrates red.


We all know the red planet Mars or our blue planet Earth. Red planet Mars was called by the romans as the fighter and for guidance in wars or for success.


Everything in nature is expressed in colors. In autumn all leaves are red and orange. In spring, the leaves of the trees are lush green. Poisonous animals or plants very often have piercing colors to warn us. Flowers attract us and the insects with their colors.


In our language, we also express ourselves in colors. Here are a few examples:

  • Seeing red.
  • The red thread.
  • Writing red numbers.
  • To have the blues.
  • Blue blood.
  • Beeing yellow bellied
  • Having a green thumb.
  • Being green behind the ears or a greenhorn.
  • Having rose-tinted glasses on.
  • Earning a golden nose.
  • The wise weigh their words on a scale with gold.
  • Speech is silver, but silence is golden.

There are still countless examples to show that everything is vibration and therefore color. We are connected with everything. How are we humans colors?


We humans are not only made of flesh, bones, muscles and solid matter. Like everything in this universe, we are made of energy and have a frequency or vibration. An energy field surrounds us. Everything we have ever experienced, seen, heard, felt and thought is stored in it. The aura is part of our energy field.

The aura surrounds our solid body. It has different sizes depending on our mood. The colors are as individual as we humans or our fingerprints.

With time and with our experiences in life our aura changes. The aura is also a snapshot. If we are angry now, our aura shows that with a red. However, we all have one to three basic aura colors that belong to us. They are the frequency of our soul, our soul potential. And we resonate in our lives with all the themes that resonate with our basic colors.

We humans unconsciously react to the energy fields of our fellow human beings, but also of thoughts, places and objects. Either we feel attracted or repelled. We perceive energy and vibrations consciously or unconsciously.

If we resonate with these vibrations, then we can perceive them. Unconsciously, we are always drawn to that with which we vibrate in harmony.


There are two different ways someone can perceive a person’s aura:


You can see aura directly with your physical eyes.


You perceive aura with your inner eyes and feelings. Subjective perception of aura is based on clairvoyance and clairsentience. You feel the energy and see the colors internally.

I know that most people wish they could see the aura objectively. When we were toddlers, most of us did. In some people, this ability has remained. Others want to train it hard again. But this would not be necessary, because we can perceive the colors just as well sensitively.

Personally, I perceive the aura subjectively, sometimes objectively. For me, the result is the same. The quality is the same, that is important to understand.


There are different exercises how to learn to see aura colors. But that is a topic for another blog article or something I offer in my mediumship workshops.

Nevertheless, I will give you a few tips on how to start understanding and seeing the colors:

  1. Take different color bands in your hands and close your eyes. Feel the frequency of these colors and observe what they trigger in you.
  2. Which color comes to your mind first when you meet a person?
  3. Which colors do people use with their clothes, home and environment, what do they want to radiate.
  4. Look at the advertising, which colors are used to advertise which products. Where and how are colors used in politics or religion, and why.
  5. Become familiar with the colors in nature or the animal world, how and what nature shows us with the colors.


Everyone who wants to learn to see the aura colors or work with colors must first understand the meaning of the colors. Each color has its own meaning and vibration. Of course we personally feel the colors differently, but the basic meaning is given.


We have the primary colors red, blue and yellow. All other colors are created by a combination of these three colors.

  • Red stands for the body, the physical, the material.
  • Blue stands for the spiritual.
  • Yellow stands for the mind and the intellect.

Thus, the aura is not just monotonous, but usually has several colors, shades and combination. Now, the color red is not just red. It has different meanings depending on the color. Some red have more blue tones others more yellow tones, these must also be taken into account.

Each color has a positive and a negative aspect. If the colors are bright and strong, the positive aspect is lived. If the colors are dull, shadowy or lifeless, the negative aspect is lived.


It is also important to understand that the color composition also has different meanings. Does yellow and red form a new color, like orange. Or does the color orange separate into a yellow and red? Does the color pink stand alone or does a blue creep in?


A significant part of the aura is also the position of the color. If we have a lot of red in the positive aspect on the physical plane, it means vitality. If the red is on the mental level, it means creative thinking.


rote aura

Red is a masculine color and represents the physical life, the material, the body. Our blood is red. In terms of vibration it is long-waved. In politics, the color red is used for communism. But red also symbolises power. In the Christian religion, cardinals very often wear red. Most country flags are made of red, among other colors. Many businessmen and executives have red in their aura. Lawyers also have red. Everything that has to do with the law and legal is also red. All people have a little red in their aura because red means life. In China, red represents good business and good luck. Women with a lot of red in their aura work in a male-dominated environment and do well with this male energy.

Positive aspect:
Energy, vitality, strength, positivity, affection, passion, extroverted, creative thinking, ability to manifest ideas, have a vision and turn it into reality, leadership skills, legal, power.

Negative aspect:
Dominance, destructive, anger, aggressiveness, violence, controlling, too strong personality, quick-tempered, short-tempered, get angry quickly.


Crimson is the color of self-sacrifice for the good of people. It is the color of martyrs and saints. Spiritual leaders have crimson in their auric field. If you look at religious pictures in churches, crimson red is very often used. Crimson is the color of love. Spiritually, people with crimson are very developed. Also look at the buddist monks, they wear crimson. If a person feels without energy, he should surround himself with the beautiful crimson.


Where the color red corresponds to the body, yellow corresponds to the mental and our mind as well as the intellect. It is the color of wisdom. Many teachers, counselors, psychologists and people who are in education have yellow in their aura or auric field. Also those who are reorganising their lives.

Positive aspect:
Good self-discipline, organized and tidy mentally as well as in life, wisdom, good at learning and teaching, cheerfulness, understanding, want to find the truth with the mind, want order in the mind, want to pass on the positive aspects of yellow to their fellow human beings.

Negative aspect:
Thoughts are everywhere and nowhere, no self-discipline, don’t want to change anything, mental problems, self-destructive, restless.


In people with cancer, brain tumor, Alzheimer and dementia you will often see the mustard yellow. But as mediums we are no doctors and give no medical advise. So please use the words wisley.


Blue is the color of truth. Also of communication in all forms, oral, written, music, dancing, painting and so on. All artists have blue in their aura. King’s blue is the most positive aspect. Blue is a feminine and spiritual color. Mother Mary is always shown in a blue dress. Mediums and sensitive also have blue in the aura because of the intuition that is present. I often find that people working in marketing have blue in their auric field, because they need to be creative to sell a product to people.

Positive aspect:
Creativity, individuality, mediumship, truth, meditation, music, expression and faith, intuition, deep thinkers, interest in spirituality, want to communicate truth, deep sense of life

Negative aspect:
Melancholy, depression, difficulty expressing feelings and what they are thinking about


Orange is created when yellow is mixed with red. All the positive aspects of red and yellow is found in orange. Therefore the color orange has no negative aspects. They are the same as in red and yellow, depending on which of the two is more dominantly present. Orange is the color of the sun, warmth and life. Many healers, mediums and sensitives have orange in their aura, or when one is receiving healing. If someone is suffering from rheumatism, arthritis or a nervous breakdown, it helps to surround oneself with orange. Some people have orange since they where younger. Often they feel like aliens in this world, different from anybody else. They feel and know what other people think and feel.

Orange means sensitive, emotional, creative, optimism, enthusiastic, healing, want to share their wisdom with people, need people around them, are inspiring, calming effect on others, motivating, radiant


Green is the color of spring, of the new. It is the new birth and the color of new beginnings. This color is created by blue and yellow, that is the balance between the spiritual and the intellectual. Green also represents people who put themselves at the service of others. People who work in medicine or a related profession very often have green in their aura. This is why so many farmacies or hospitals have green in their logo. People with green, blue and yellow in their auric field are often psychologists or teachers. This is because they combine service, wisdom and communication. Somtimes you see in the auric field of a person, that the green is slightly there, but not that prominent. This means they are thinking to change something in their life, but they didn’t put it into action yet.

Positive aspect:
Wanting to be in service, new beginnings, opportunities and possibilities, harmony, balance, full of energy and drive, nature, change, works a lot, compassion

Negative aspect:
Mean, jealousy, envious, sabotaging, obsessed with what others have, inharmonious, begrudging of other people’s opportunities, no harmony either spiritual or thought inner turmoil

Combination of the following colors with green:
Most mediums have green and blue. Many teachers have yellow and green. Most doctors have red or orange with green.


If you mix green with red, you get brown. Red stands for business and green for new possibilities and opportunities. Brown is the slowest vibrating color. In the aura brown means that someone is making changes in life or has already made them. Does green and red remix into brown or does brown separate into red and green. Mostly these are related to work or education. New jobs or further education are coming up, or one is completing them now. So brown is not an aura basic color and dissolves with time. An apprentice, for example, always has brown in the aura.

Positive aspect:
Education and training, stability despite change, having both feet on the ground, bad times behind you

Negative aspect:
Difficulties with the body when there is a muddy brown on the physical levels, panic, stress, asthma, stomach problems, nervousness, skin problems


Intuitive, loyal, honest, introvert. Indigo is purple but with more blue in it.


Purple is a very spiritual, but also a difficult color. It is the color which vibrates the fastest. If one has too much violet in the aura, it tips very quickly into the negative aspect. The pope or other higher clergy are very often painted in violet robes in pictures.

Positive aspect:
Spiritual, mystical, good imagination, humanitarian, poetic, clairvoyance, maturity, spiritual advancement, one works to achieve spiritual goals, serving people, spiritual leadership.

Negative aspect:
Manic, depression, isolation, need to be alone, corruption, lust for power, abuse of power for one’s own gain, inner turmoil.


Pink is a feminine, female color. It is associated with the love of a mother. If the mother has a lot of pink in her aura during pregnancy, she is sure to have a girl. But also man can have pink in their aura. They are particularly sensitive and need the people around them to feel welcome. They are very nurturing.

Positive aspect:
Natural maternal instinct, love, tenderness, good health, romantic, feminine, cherish, nurturing.

Negative aspect:
Overly sensitive, overly emotional, difficulty making decisions or dealing with certain life situations, very shy, sees many things through rose tinted glasses


Magenta combines pink with purple. Those who have magenta in their aura are far in their spiritual development. Many healers also have magenta in the aura.

Positive aspect:
Love and a strong willingness to help, the ability to integrate spiritual into daily life

Negative aspect:
If the color is too cloudy or milky, sacrifice or difficulty integrating the spiritual into daily life.


This color is rather rare in the aura. For the Indians this color is very spiritual. People who had a near-death or a deep spiritual experience have turquoise in their aura. There is no negative aspect in turquoise.

Positive aspect:
Possibilities, good listeners, spiritual change, visions, allow the spiritual mental world into their lives, the spiritual world is seen as guidance in one’s life.


Good motivational speakers have silver and blue in their aura. Silver is not to be confused with gray. Silver is the positive aspect. Those who have gray in their aura live the negative aspect. Gray dots in certain places in the aura, may indicate a physical illness.

Positive aspect:
Very positive attitude towards life, good motivators, always find positive solutions, always see the good in everything, purity.

Negative aspect, color gray:
Pessimistic, negative people, see only the bad, insecurity, doubt, fatigue, feel run down


Gold is also very rare in the aura. If you look at pictures from the Middle Ages, saints wear a golden halo. Gold has no negative aspects.

Positive aspect:
Peace, understanding, have learned, have chosen the spiritual path, people with gold in the aura, especially around the head, have achieved their spiritual goals. They are enlightened.

The meaning of aura colors helps our understanding and serves as a guardrail. But these above statements are not set in stone like that. When I personally work with people, I let my intuition and clairvoyance take the lead. As I said, our auras, our lives and our experiences are as different as our fingerprints. Not everyone with a beautiful red in their aura is a businessman. Not everyone with a mustard yellow in their aura has cancer.


Now if you look at the shape of the aura you will see some people where the aura has a nice round finish. In other people the aura is more wavy.

Wavy means that this person is not yet fully consolidated in his personality, work or environment. Or else that he is still in a change. Partly this person is rather still insecure.

If the aura has a clear edge, the person is self-confident, consolidated and clear on his path.

As an example of a man with a lot of red in the aura. If the aura is wavy it means that he is e.g. rather new in a leadership position. If the aura is clearly rounded with the red, it means that he is sure of himself and knows what he is doing as a person in leadership.


We all unconsciously perceive the aura and the energy field of our fellow human beings. Most of us do not like it when strangers come too close to us or into our energy field. When we feel uncomfortable, we keep our auric field closer to our body.

When we feel comfortable, we expand the aura. This is also very beautiful to see with people in love. They seek closeness with each other. The auras expand or even merge together. Infants feel safe and secure in the arms of their mother.

Animals react to the auras of people. Sometimes it seems almost inexplicable why the dog always barks at the same person and otherwise remains quite calm with others.

The spiritual world perceives only our aura, our colors, our energy and our light. Before I work I always expand my aura. This is the invitation to the spirit world that I am ready to work. I am the right medium only for deceased people who are in resonance with my vibration. I can understand them and they can understand me. When I work with deceased, my aura merges with theirs.

In the psychic reading I extend my aura so far that it touches the aura of my customer and becomes one with it. Only in this way, I can advise the person in front of me on the mediumistic level. The more a person closes himself for it, the more difficult the consultation becomes. Again, the person has to be in resonance with me, otherwise they would not accept or want me as a medium.


I have heard and read many strange things about the aura. Here are a few examples:


Some say that there are holes in the aura. Fortunately, this is not true. There are no holes in the aura. Energy is vibration, colors are waves. There is no place in the universe without energy or with holes. At the most we can have unclear or dull colors. Even that is not the end of the world or worrisome. It simply shows an aspect of our personality that we can work on. Or it reflects a momentary situation in our lives.


Black is not a color and therefore not a part of the aura. There are no black spots or a black aura. By the way, white is also not a color and is not present in the aura.


Sick and fragmented aura is another such example. There is no such thing as a sick aura. Our energy field is not sick because it is not related to our physical body. When we are physically sick, certain colors in our aura are rather dull, but not sick or fragmented. All people in the spirit world have an energy body, their aura. However, all of them are healthy. Illness exists only in our form-bound body. In the spirit world there is no pain or illness, mental or physical.


There are no spiritual beings, shadow beings or demons that attach themselves to our aura and make us sick or occupy us. Our aura is such a beautiful and luminous thing. No “being” can do anything to us energetically. Or influence our aura in such a way that we even become physically ill. Such a thing makes no sense at all.


Operations in the aura to heal our body or soul. Well, that is another such thing. The aura colors can not be changed energetically surgically. The aura colors reflect our personality and our current as well as past life situation. For example, if the communication does not correspond to my personality, I will never have blue in my aura. If I have red in my aura because I am a very extroverted person, I can’t just remove that and I will be an introvert. So what do you want to surgically remove or add then.

A lot of money is made with holes, aura surgeries and demons. These methods are based on fear and have nothing positive.

The aura colors should rather be seen as a way to understand yourself better. The aura is your personal stamp, your energy, your signature. It is your light that you personally radiate. Your aura shows your possibilities, your potential and your abilities.


To find out you have three possibilities.

  • You have an aura photograph taken of you
  • Go to a medium where you know that he/she can really read the aura.
  • Learn how to read the aura

But you must remember that your aura colors change every day depending on your mind. Yes we all have one or more basic colors that are given. But otherwise every aura photograph or every aura reading can vary.

I can still remember once when I had an aura photography done in Zurich. I was 18 years old and went directly after work to this studio. That day I was so angry with my teacher and my boyfriend. I was still angry when I had the photo taken. Of course my photo was bright red, no other color came out 🙂 .