Hi, I’m Daniela, a spiritual & psychic medium. I speak to dead people.

What? Yes you heard right. This is “normal” for me. I simply serve as a bridge or channel for loving communication with the spirit world. I believe that we all have this ability at the level of our soul. Furthermore, I communicate openly and empathetically, without tools like cards, crystal balls or rituals. Because of my work I believe in “life after death”, even if nobody can prove this scientifically (yet).

I work internationally as a spiritual medium via the internet and locally in Switzerland.


As a spiritual medium I communicate with the souls in the spirit world. I link people from the spirit world with people here on earth. I attach great importance to the presentation of evidence, the more precise, the better. Why? So that you can really be sure that your loved one from the spirit world is here for you. In a medium reading you will receive various details from the life of your loved one. Only you as the recipient can check and verify these details. In addition, there are important and loving messages from them.

In a psychic reading I do not connect with the soul of a deceased person, but with your soul and your energy field. This way I am able to give you insights into your current life situation and your past. I read your aura, the colors and your energy field. You will receive a comprehensive assessment of your current situation, after which you will see the next steps on your path of life more clearly.


Like most mediums I have been clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant since my early childhood. I am convinced that we all have these predispositions in us, but some develop them further and some don’t. It is a life mission a life task and not everybody is meant to work as a professional medium. I was lucky to be able to develop my mediumistic skills with years of meditation and intensive training as a medium within the framework of the traditional Spiritualists’ National Union in England. My most important mentors are Mavis Pittilla, Andy Byng and Paul Jacobs.

I’m a no nonsense kind of person and stand with both my feet on the ground, even while working with the spirit world. You don’t get esoteric hocus-pocus from me, but clear and factual statements. I am not a fortune-teller and never make future predictions of any kind.


As incredible as it may sound to some people, communication with the souls in the spirit world actually works. In countless contacts I was able to experience what joy and wonderful healing this communication can trigger on both sides. The art is to combine unquestionable evidence with clear emotional messages. Such medium readings give all recipients and witnesses a better understanding, but also comfort, healing, forgiveness, love, hope and a deep peace.

However, you must have experienced this yourself so that you can really appreciate the magic of mediumship.

Every medium reading is different, communication with the spiritual world does not always work equally well. I am also not always in the best condition and sometimes not the right medium for the people who come to me. If I can’t provide evidence, or if the communication is otherwise difficult, I will refund the price for the reading.

You can find much more information about me and my offer on this website and in my blog. Please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Daniela is not living up in the sky but with both feet on the ground. She is a no nonsense kind of person. Her biggest wish is for you to see her teachings and her mediumship as a catalyst for your own spiritual growth. We all use only a minimum of our true potential. Let´s uncover the many layers holding us back from being limitless.

About Daniela

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My wish is to touch you in my blog. And to support you in living your own potential. I hope that I can inspire you and that my articles are useful to you.

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Book a medium reading, psychic reading or private sitting conveniently through my shop, or contact me for a free appointment. The private sitting can take place at my place in Boningen SO, or online via the Internet.


The spiritual world knows no boundaries regarding distance or the internet. You can book and have a medium reading or private sitting online. No matter if you are in Switzerland or anywhere else in the world. There is no loss in quality at. We communicate online via Skype or Zoom. All you need is a PC or a mobile device with a microphone. You see and hear me during the whole session. If you want, you can also turn off your camera, I don’t need to see you for it to work.

  • medium reading online
    Medium Reading Online

    A medium reading online is a conversation with our loved ones in the spirit world. I will tell you their story, present you with concrete evidence, and provide love and healing through their messages.
    As a spiritual and psychic medium, I merely serve as a bridge between the worlds. I become one with a soul in the spirit world who wants to come through to you. I convey their evidence and their messages to you, they typically want to provide you with their love, answers, understanding, and a lot more.

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  • psychic reading spiritual medium 1 hour
    1 hour Psychic Reading
    When having a 1 hour psychic reading we can touch subjects like work, family, spiritual development, money and a lot more. The psychic reading could also be a spiritual assessment for example if you want to develop your own mediumistic abilities. Daniela can give you practical advice and support to aid your own spiritual and mediumistic development.
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Spiritual Medium Daniela Hadorn: “I’m grateful to my teachers and mentors for all they have done for me and all I have learned from them.”

Pat Hattingh

Pat Hattingh is teaching the traditional and non-dualistic philosophy Advaita Vedanta. He is in direct line and succession of the famous Indian spiritual teacher Ramana Maharshi. Pat lives in Cape Town South Africa and I was able to experience his teachings over several years. I’m still in contact with him. He is the most important spiritual teacher for me and my own self-development.

Mavis Pittilla

I trained as a spiritual medium with Mavis Pittilla in a one-year mentorship program. Mavis has been working as a spiritual medium for over 50 years. She has a vast knowledge of spirituality, philosophy, mediumship and also the spirit world. She is an inspiring speaker and a wonderful person, who I respect and love a lot. Thanks to her, I was able to further develop and polish my mediumistic skills. For me she really is a pioneer and a person I look up to.

Paul Jacobs

Paul is an international spiritual medium and teacher. He is known as a hard but fair teacher of mediumship. I have attended various courses with Paul and I am very grateful to him for his relentless honest way of teaching. I was able to decisively improve my psychic and medium readings, as well as my demonstration skills.

Andy Byng

Andy was my first mentor in my mediumship development. I completed a two-year training as a spiritual medium with him. He is a superb spiritual medium with a lot of experience. His proof is unique and also impressive. With him I learned to give blind contacts and to perform “live” in front of an audience. I have him to thank for my accuracy and much more.

SNU UK (Spiritualists’ National Union)

For me, it is important to maintain a clear standard in my work in order to assume the responsibility that goes with it. I am therefore a member of the Spiritualists’ National Union in England. It is the only association in the world that sets such standards for working mediums. I will complete my CSNU certification this year in demonstration and public speaking.

Gordon Higginson

Gordon Higginson was probably the best English medium of the 20th century. For many years he was president of the SNU and also director of the renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted. He has had a significant influence on both institutions. I have been fascinated by him for a long time and wanted to be educated by mediums who have been taught by him. These were Paul Jacobs and Mavis Pittilla. For them and me, Gordon Higginson continues to be a mentor and source of inspiration from the spiritual world.


I’m working as an international medium online. Therefore I’m able to serve a broad clientele from all over the world. In other words I’m a “medium near me”. I speak English, German and Italian. My clients are based in the United Kingdom, United States of America, South America, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan and India.


I work as an English speaking medium and offer medium readings, psychic readings, mediumship development and demonstrations of mediumship. For many years I lived in India and South Africa and I worked in England and Ireland. I have learned Spiritualism in England and have also demonstrated in several spiritual churches throughout Britain.


I love to pass on my knowledge and experience. My development seminars focus on mediumship, the spirit world, spiritual philosophy and meditation. Above all Self-development is an important part of the training as a medium. I will probably start new development classes in autumn 2019, both online worldwide and also “offline” in Switzerland.


In my work as a spiritual and psychic medium, Switzerland is my home location. However, I do not only work with clients from Switzerland. You can book an online session with me from anywhere in the world.

I speak English very fluently, English-speaking countries like UK and Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are very important to me. No matter if you are in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sidney, Auckland, Johannesburg, Cape Town or anywhere else, I am there for you!


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