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A medium reading is a conversation or communication with your loved ones in the spirit world. During the private reading Daniela will bring you evidence and tell you their life story. Parts of a medium reading can be personality, hobbies, relationships, shared memories and a lot more. The benefits of a medium reading is comfort, understanding, love and healing.

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A psychic reading is about you and your possibilities. The psychic reading helps you to clearly see your path ahead and to become aware of your unique qualities. We will talk about family, work, relationships, potential and more. There are no future predictions in medium readings, it is more like an assessment. And even in medium readings evidence is important.

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daniela hadorn


Spiritual Medium and Teacher

Daniela is not living up in the sky but with both feet on the ground. She is a no nonsense kind of person. Her biggest wish is for you to see her teachings and her mediumship as a catalyst for your own spiritual growth. We all use only a minimum of our true potential. Let´s uncover the many layers holding us back from being limitless.

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Daniela Hadorn is a Spiritual Medium working worldwide. She lives in Switzerland close to Olten. As a medium she gives medium readings, psychic readings, spiritual assessments online and worldwide. Daniela Hadorn is also an Evidential Medium and Psychic Medium. Evidence is important to her. Same as philosophy, spirituality and self development. She connects with the energies in the spirit world. But at the same time she is able to connect to the energy field of people here on earth. Not all Psychics are Mediums, but all Mediums are Psychic. You experience healing, hope, comfort, love and compassion in every private reading. Spiritual Medium Daniela Hadorn loves spirit communication and brings forth messages from beyond and the afterlife. We are all one and connected to each other. The soul is immortal and lives on. There are no two worlds, only one.


Spiritual Medium Daniela gives medium readings and medium development courses online via Zoom ans Skype. There is no quality loss at all. Medium readings or psychic readings from the comfort of your home can sometimes even be better because you don’t have to travel and don’t loose time in traffic jams. The spirit world loves technology and there is absolutely no quality loss for private readings. She lived overseas for several years and is also fluent in English, German and Italian.


She is a platform medium, who loves to do demonstration of mediumship worldwide, online and offline. Mediumship gallery events gives you the chance to get to know how mediumship works and how a Spiritual Medium connects to loved ones in the spirit world. There are always healing and comforting messages from loved ones in heaven. Evidence and validation is truly important and is always provided. Yes there are messages from beyond. And she always finds the right person within the audience.


Daniela Hadorn is also a Spiritual Teacher providing workshops and seminars in mediumship and meditation. She learned from the best Mediums in the world. As a spiritual medium she is a member of the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) UK and from the Arthur Findlay College. The English Mediumship is based on Evidence, but also on Philosophy and Science. Daniela loves to share her knowledge and experience with her students.

As a Spiritual Teacher she loves the Indian philosophy Advaita Vedanta. She is open to philosophies not just Spiritualism. Self development is part of her teachings as Spiritual Teacher. It is an important foundation for mediumship development. She teaches not just spiritual Philosophy but also does a lot of practical work with her students. With her you learn in a loving and supporting environment. She is motivational, loving, understanding and inspirational. Spiritual Medium Daniela Hadorn helps you live your full potential, it is time to shine.


She offers meditation and satsang. To meditate with her is exceptional, unique and brings healing. No techniques or visualizations are needed. It is just a matter of being and silence. There is nothing to acquire or to gain from meditation. Everything is already here. Once you realize that, you experience meditation in your daily life without any struggle. How to meditate with Spiritual Teacher Daniela Hadorn is easy. Learn how to meditate and get to know your soul, your potential and true being.

She offers meditation classes but also question and answer sessions. Meditation in a group is very powerful. Meditation classes can be held online from the comfort of your home.


Her spiritual teachers are and were Pat Hattingh, Papaji, Ramana Maharshi. Daniela learned from Mavis Pittilla, Andy Byng, Paul Jacobs, John Johnson, Angie Morris and the spirit of Gordon Higginson and many more.


She works as a spiritual medium and teacher worldwide online and offline in America (United States), Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Her students come from cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Sidney, Perth, Melbourne, London, Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Köln, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Napoli, Palermo, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Auckland, Toronto, Montreal, Vienna. In Switzerland she is active as a spiritual medium, psychic medium and spiritual teacher in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Luzern. She shows her mediumistic abilities in countries like Germany, Holland, Austria, England, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Spain.

you can ask Daniela questions anytime, watch videos or read her Blog. Her newsletter keeps you also up to date about her live events and products, but also gifts you inspiration, wisdom, gifts, specials, competitions and price reductions.